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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Rims, Tyres and 4X4 Accessories

A Guide to Choosing Wheels Tyres and Other Off-Road Parts

Packed with fun, adrenaline and thrills, off-roading is a popular hobby. However, as much fun as it is, off-road driving comes with many choices as far as parts and accessories are concerned. By learning about these parts, asking the right questions and finding out where to buy the right pieces, off-road enthusiasts can find the perfect setups for their vehicles.

Learning About Off-Road Tyres

A tyre’s primary function is to offer traction. For passenger vehicles that never venture off-road, this means gripping a smooth paved or gravel surface. However, for off-road use, 4wd tyres australia must grip various surfaces such as rocks, mud and sand. Because of these varying needs, off-road tyres are one of a hobbyist’s most important purchases.

Buying the Right Wheel and Tyre Combo

When going off-road, wear and tear on 4wd wheels is inevitable. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right set for the planned activities. Hobbyists should get the best value for the money by comparing service intervals, tread wear ratings and wheel composition, among other factors.

Getting the Right Size

When going off-road, sizing of tyres and 4X4 rims can be tricky because it depends on multiple factors. However, proper sizing is often a matter of personal preference because off-road vehicles can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of wheel and tyre sizes. Use these tips to choose a tyre size.

  • Call the vehicle manufacturer to learn what the 4WD is capable of.
  • Check fitment charts or tyre size guides to learn whether certain tyres will clear the vehicle’s fenders.
  • Determine which modifications are necessary to make a certain set of tyres fit a vehicle.
  • Read off-roading magazines, online forums and service manuals for additional help in choosing lift kits, tyres and other accessories.

Determine When New Tyres are Necessary

It is essential for buyers to know when to replace their off-road tyres. Most tyres are regarded as “worn out” when the tread wears down to a certain depth. The more difficult the driving conditions, the more quickly the tyres will wear down.

Find Out the Number of Tyres Needed

Before spending money on new tyres and Toyota Hilux wheels, the buyer should determine whether it’s really necessary to replace the entire set of tyres. If it’s only necessary to replace one tyre, the buyer should find one of similar type and brand. When replacing multiple tyres, choose those of equivalent or better quality—and put the new ones on the rear of the vehicle. Replacing all four tyres gives off-roaders more options when it’s time to buy.


An off-roader’s budget may limit his or her choices in tyres and 4X4 accessories. While a set of tyres or other add-ons may seem perfect, the cost may be out of certain buyers’ price range. Therefore, a buyer should set a budget before they start the search.

Consider the Tyres’ Intended Purpose

Off-road tyres are available in many varieties and designs, ranging from rock-crawling tyres to all-terrain models. Buyers should carefully consider their plans before choosing a set of tyres that will work for the terrain on which the vehicle will be driven.

Buying New Wheels

When upgrading off-road tyres, buyers should also consider whether they need new wheels. An increased tyre height usually means a step up in wheel size; therefore, it’s important for buyers to make these considerations when choosing new tyres.

Tyre Types

As mentioned above, there are multiple types of off-road tyres, but the most popular are listed below.

  • All-terrain tyres: For vehicles that will be driven on- and off-road, all-terrain tyres are a sensible choice. These tyre models have interlocking tread for great traction on a variety of surfaces, and they’re long-lasting and relatively inexpensive.
  • Mud tyres: For those who spend most of their leisure time off-road, mud tyres are a worthy consideration. They have larger lugs and aggressive tread, and they offer grip on slippery off-road surfaces. These tyres are durable, due in part to their tough sidewalls.

In Conclusion

Off-roading is a hobby that’s packed with excitement and thrills, and it’s becoming increasingly popular among Australia’s thrill-seekers. Aussies have plenty of ways to spend their free time, but hitting rugged terrain and pushing a vehicle to its limits is one of the most exciting choices. However, the hobby comes with a price—buying the right tyres for the application. Because off-roading involves driving over rough terrain, through muddy fields and wooded areas, it’s important for hobbyists to buy the right set of tyres. By following the tips in this rims blog, buyers can choose the right setup for any type of vehicle. Keep coming back for more useful tips on buying 4×4 accessories.